Best Time to visit

Myanmar is tropical and influenced by the monsoons and it has 3 seasons. It is possible to travel throughout the whole year but we would like to suggest for the globetrotters to bear in mind the best time of Myanmar to travel.

Hot Season (March - May)

Hot Season (March - May) – temperature ranges from 30-35°C. Bagan and Mandalay can reach up to 45°C while the temperature in Shan and Chin States may be comfortable around 20-30°C. But it is likely the best season for trekking in the mountains during this period.

Rainy Season (May - October)

Rainy Season (May - October) – temperature is between 25-35°C with high humidity and can fall to 20°C in the evenings. Rainfall in north and Central Burma such as Bagan and Mandalay is very rare and the temperature can be as low as 10°C. The South West monsoon during this period brings heavy rainfall, mainly on the coast. Therefore, it is better to avoid coastal areas during these months. The rain greens everything and it is probably the best time for nature lovers to visit Myanmar.

Winter Season (November - February)

Winter Season (November - February) – highly recommended season for the visitors as the weather is dry and rather cool about 20-30°C. It hardly rains during these months. But it can get very cold at night in the mountain regions of the Shan and Chin States. Visitors can also experience snow frequently in the northern state of Kachin. For those travelling to Mrauk U, it is advisable to bring warm clothing.