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UAE. Miracle in the desert

The flight lasted 5 hours, and then our plane landed at Sharjah.
UAE. Miracle in the desert
We immediately went to the hotel because it was too late.

Our hotel was in Dubai, the largest emirate in the UAE and the most popular emirate. The hotel was called “Gloria”, a four-star hotel, but of very high quality. The hotel consists of two forty-story high-rises. On the ground floor there are restaurants, cafes, grocery and jewelry stores. On the eighth floor there is a relaxation area with spa, gym and outdoor pool. The hotel is located in the city center and close to the metro, so we were very mobile.

The first day of my trip was very bright. I visited interesting sights and at the same time did not spend a lot of money, because I planned my day on my own, without travel agents and guides.

Early in the morning I got up, had breakfast for all kinds of taste. After that we went to the pool with our beloved to have a good time and relax. In the evening we went to the center of Dubai by metro.

Metro in the UAE is very unusual and different from the metro in our country. This ground-based metro, with high technology where there is no driver-driver, it is amazing. Well, this is a subway in an Arab country, so women and men cannot be together in a car. That is, there are cars for women and children, cars for men and a golden car for rich people. I decided to buy tickets for the golden car. Decided to shikanut and feel like a sheikh. In fact, the golden car was the most common, it was not worth overpaying. There were several passengers in the car, and I could imagine that I was a train driver and driving this locomotive in the modern desert myself. I was excited. Cool sensations.

So, I bought a ticket to the largest shopping center in Dubai, because there are many tourist attractions: Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world, its height is 828 meters. Dubai Aquarium – the largest aquarium in the world. I heard a lot about this aquarium before the trip, but when I visited it, I realized that this was just a tourist trick. The aquarium was an interesting place, but not great. There were skates, sharks, terrapins and beautiful fish.

Burj Khalifa is a really spectacular skyscraper with 168 floors. Tourists can visit the 124th floor, and I was no exception.
UAE. Miracle in the desert
The skyscraper was opened in 2010 and was designed in honor of the first president of the UAE, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Now the building is known around the world under the name “Burj Khalifa”. I was on top at 11 pm and saw the night panorama in Dubai.

The second day we bought a tour of the name “6 Emirates.” It was the most interesting and informative tour, I learned a lot of information about the Emirates and visited 6 of the 7 Emirates.

So, in 1972 there were seven Emirates.
UAE. Miracle in the desert
tallest building is the capital of the UAE and the richest city, Dubai is the largest and most visited place, Sharjah is the most religious emirate and cultural center of the country, Ajman is the smallest emirate of Ras al-Khaimah is an emirate for tourists, there are many on the coast 5-star hotels, the emirate of Fujairah has access to the Indian Ocean, but it is far from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwaim is an industrial emirate, there are cement plants and a large port.

On the same day I visited the Ethnographic Museum. I saw a wax exhibition on the UAE forty years ago.
UAE. Miracle in the desert
It was a very bad region before oil was found in the Emirates. This happened in 1991, and then development began. Before that, people engaged in fishing, camel breeding, pearl hunting. Twenty years ago, children in the Emirates played only with sticks and branches. They had no toys.

Currently, there is good social welfare for local people. For example, the government allocates part of the land for building a house, a certain amount of money is allocated for a wedding, for the birth of children, the pension in the UAE is $ 3,000 per month. The government says: “Our people have suffered for a long time and now deserve to live well.”

The UAE is a federal state consisting of seven emirates, each of which is a monarchy. This is a unique situation in world politics. All the Emirates have a common foreign policy without interfering in world conflicts. Domestic policy is different in every emirate. There are different laws and degrees of punishment. There is a low crime rate due to the death penalty for terrorism, murder, rape and drug trafficking.
UAE. Miracle in the desert
The next day we went to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is the capital and the largest and richest emirate of the entire administrative structure of the country. The administrative structure of the United Arab Emirates is based on the right to use the amount they generate in each territory.

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