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Interesting facts about Anapa

Anapa is an amazing resort city. But not only the beaches and the warm climate is nice this area. And today we decided to tell you about the amazing facts about this town. Perhaps it is after reading the information you want to go on vacation in this resort town! And about the price of rest on the bank of Anapa can be found in detail on the link above.

1. Nude man, snug on the grass.
Recently, in Anapa, a monument was erected on the territory of the city embankment. In this case, it is not depicted at all an outstanding actor or singer, but a tanning tourist. At the same time it is made in the nude, freely located on the grass. A causal place a rest covers a huge hat. Perhaps this is the original place for a photo, which will appeal to all fans of the original photos.

2. In Anapa are treated with wine.
Yes, you heard right. The inhabitants of Anapa decided to offer tourists original medicine, and that is how ampelotherapy and enotherapy appeared – treatment with grapes and wine made from it.

3. Beach quartz treatment.
In Anapa there are many sandy beaches where tourists can soak up and relax after a hard day’s work. But many vacationers do not even realize that the local beaches, or rather the sand, has a healing effect on the body.

The fact is that in the city the sun shines about 280 days a year and heats the sand to 60 degrees. Therefore, rest on beaches with sand of such a temperature is an excellent prevention from colds and skin diseases.

4. Monument near the gate.
Deciding to visit the wonderful Anapa, be sure to build your route through the famous architectural monument – Russian at the gate. This is all that came to our time from the Ottoman fortress. The remaining gates with bastions were destroyed at the time of the liberation of the city from the Turks in 1828. In those years, the length of the fortress was 3 km, and the height indicator was 8 meters. Visiting this monument you can make good photos that will be a great decoration for a family album.

5. Anapa – the perfect place for lovers of creativity.
Anapa was visited by such personalities as: Bestuzhev, Odoyevsky, Belyaev, Lorer, etc. Belinsky said that in this city is the “Cradle for talent”, and the local mountains – “harbingers of change.” He stated that creative individuals are drawn to Anapa because of the beauty of the local nature, which is a source of inspiration.

6. The local lighthouse is an echo of the past.
Romantics should definitely visit the city lighthouse. He began to work in 1920, but during the Great Patriotic War, the lighthouse was destroyed during the fighting. It was possible to restore it only in 1955, and from that time it has been working smoothly to the present!

7. Anapa – a place of affordable rest.
If you want to relax on the Black Sea coast, and at the same time do not spend a fortune to live in luxury hotels – Anapa is the ideal option. In this resort town there are various resorts, hotels and private hotels, the owners of which offer tourists rest at quite reasonable prices.

In addition, housing is rented in the private sector, where living conditions will be no worse than in three-star hotels. Therefore, if you want to save the budget, then with confidence go to Anapa, where in addition to cheap housing there will also be cheap entertainment, along with reasonable prices in stores!

8. In Anapa, it is good to rest with children.
The city has a variety of activities for children: a variety of attractions, several water parks, playgrounds and a dolphin park. At the same time, the sea in Anapa is shallow, which children like very much, because They can play their favorite fun on the water, and adults will not worry about their safety!

9. Anapa time machine.
Once in Anapa, you will fall into a fairytale world. And this is not a joke, because A 15-minute drive from the city is a medieval castle – “Lion’s Head”. Having visited it, both children and adults will feel like heroes of a fairy tale, they will be able to ride horses and try onions like a medieval weapon.

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