Interesting facts about Lviv
The city of Lviv is an ancient settlement with its unique features, traditions and unique charm. One can not only talk about the beauty of this city for a few…

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Sights of Dresden
Dresden is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Germany, which is visited by tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world to see the sights…

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Where do billionaires rest
Each of us dreamed of becoming a billionaire, at least once in a lifetime. Those who managed to achieve this, winning the jack-mouth in the lottery or just working hard,…

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Strange and unusual sights of Canada

Canada is a country with unusually beautiful and virgin nature, located in the north of the continent in harsh climatic conditions. This is a state that has absorbed Anglo-Saxon and French culture, as indicated by the two official languages, the division into French-speaking and English-speaking provinces. Naturally there are amazing places that are worth a visit for every lover of travel. Perhaps after studying these places you will want to visit this magnificent country, and perhaps even move.

Cuban Building – Habitat 67
This unusual residential complex in the style of “brutalism” was created by architect Moshe Safdi in 1966 – 67. It represents a large cube as a base, on which another 354 smaller cubes are built. The building has 146 apartments, each has a private garden.

“Believe it – believe it or not – and Niagara Falls
Strange and unusual sights of Canada
This is the name of the interactive museum of Robert Leroy Ripley, which in English sounds like: “Believe It or Not”. Of the more than 30 offices, two are located in Canada. One of them is a smaller copy of the Empire State Building skyscraper, which is about to collapse along with King Kong on the roof.

And of course Niagara Falls, or rather the natural complex of falling water flows 53 meters in height with special viewing platforms. Beautiful place.

“Big Meeting”
The project with the French name “Le Grand Rassemblement” was created by Marcel Gagnon and represents more than a hundred human sculptures on the beach of the Saint Lawrence River in Quebec. Wooden and stone figures are arranged so that during ebb and flow, in turn, they appear and disappear under water. For some, the art object is the subject of admiration, others are puzzled at this product of creative activity, but they are not exactly indifferent to this.

Initially, about 80 statues were placed, but the sculptor did not stop and continued to create, experimenting with poses and faces.

“Curve Bush”, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
This name is an aspen grove in the reserve “Redberry Lake”. Its area is 1.21 hectares. The bizarre shape of each tree, the trunk of which twists around its axis, forced the authorities to declare the place a biosphere reserve, in order to preserve this amazing ecosystem.

“Free Spirit Spheres”, Qualicum Bay, British Columbia
The author of these unusual buildings is Tom Chadley. This is a kind of mini area of ​​spherical buildings, based on a wooden frame. The design is covered with leather and coated with epoxy. In the houses there is everything for living – electricity, bed, water, refrigerator and microwave.

Elk named poppy
The animal sculpture is located in a town called Moose Joe, in Saskatchewan, and is made of steel and concrete. It is the world’s largest elk statue, which is 9.8 meters high and weighs about 10 tons.

Boswell Glass House
The structure is constructed from half a million glass bottles right on the rock. It offers a beautiful view of the lake. It is curious that the weight of the entire building material, which is the glass container from under the embalming solution, is only 250 tons.

Lake in Pingaluit Crater
Until 1943 it was known only to the natives, who called it the Crystal Eye of Nunavik for the unusually clear water in it. It was discovered by American military pilots, after which scientists began to study this amazing natural phenomenon. Interest is also shown by tourists who have been making pilgrimages to it for 50 years. The age of this water reservoir is about 1.4 million years, the diameter is 3.44 km. Located in the north of Quebec, Ungava Peninsula.

Ramzi church
The structure is made of Venetian glass and stands upside down with a spire. The creator of such a peculiar object called “Device for the eradication of evil” – Dennis Oppenheim. It was first demonstrated in 1997. Initially, it was brought to New York, but it did not fit for the metropolis, so until 2014 it was in Vancouver. Due to disagreements among residents, it was decided to transport to Calgary, where he was received with pleasure.

Spotted Lake Kliluk
Located near the town of Osuhus, in the province of British Columbia. The reservoir is known for its huge stock of magnesium, sodium, calcium, silver and titanium sulphate. Due to the evaporation of water in the summer, Spotted Lake (the English name of the lake) looks like a lot of spots of different colors, depending on the minerals that are saturated with each of them.

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