Why you must choose us

Gold Backed Travels and Tours offers personalized service fulfilling to every individual need of the tourist. You name it and we provide it. We can also arrange a tailored tour to suite your individual needs taking you to every corner of Myanmar.

Regards our belief, sustainable tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable and economically liable. Travellers can make a positive contribution to the places they visit and bring financial benefits to local communities. We have coordination with the tourism industry in every aspect through cooperation between the local communities, people working in travel industry and the government authorities to develop mutual beneficial programmes without harming the knowledge on the local cultures, environment and the local products. We promote tours that provide visitors the opportunities to experience its unique cultural heritage, ancient historical sites, arts and crafts related to Myanmar people and their delicious cuisines. Our objective is to offer visitors a learning experience through our tours while enjoying their precious holidays. We are committed to offer the outstanding tour destinations which result in positive experiences for both travellers and host communities. Our basic policy is to provide a personalized service and to care for the smallest details.

Privileges of Gold Backed Travels & Tours

Gold Backed Travels & Tours is an authorized travel agency and should an international tourist and foreign visitors are willing to take a tour in the restricted area, we can arrange for it after getting prior permission from the authority concerned.
* Our reasonable tour tariff is what makes you choose us.
* We can provide prompt emergency assistance should it is needed.
* We can give full guarantee to the satisfaction of our clients.