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Kamchatka: 10 places that every tourist should visit

The Kamchatka Peninsula is not only “from far away”. It is also a unique natural landscape, healing springs, hunting, fishing, the ancient way and customs of the locals …

You can always surprise friends and acquaintances with brought souvenirs, photo and video materials, Kamchatka is not like any corner of the Earth. But the peninsula is large, its area is 270 thousand square kilometers.

Healing sources
How not to miss the most interesting things in Kamchatka? We will talk about ten places that, in our opinion, should be visited by any tourist who has visited this far and mysterious corner of Russia.

Valley of geysers, fantasy in reality
It was not by chance that the legendary Earth of Sannikov was filmed in the eponymous fiction film. The Valley of Geysers is well known all over the world, but most people know it only from films, photos, articles.

Valley of Geysers
Real impressions are often stunning – the huge mountain valley literally boils, throwing streams of steam and hot water.

A hefty bear came to “get warm” …
There is no such landscape anywhere on our planet, and if you manage to take pictures of a hefty (they are just like that in the Kamchatka) who came to “bask” – the reputation of a seasoned and courageous traveler is guaranteed for you for many years!

Getting to the Valley of Geysers will have to be on a helicopter
True, it will take a helicopter to get to the Valley of Geysers, but then traveling to Mars is not an easy task, is it?

Klyuchevskaya Sopka – a volcano with an unpredictable character
According to travelers, Klyuchevskoy is a volcano with a terrible temper. The highest stratovolcano on the Eurasian continent (a conical volcano) can spew out smoke at any moment, or even lava flows, and flying stones.

Klyuchevskoy – a volcano with a terrible temper
So, it is not necessary to go specifically to the “eruption”, having been near Klyuchevskaya Sopka, in any case, you have a chance to enjoy an unforgettable spectacle.

Stratovolcano can spew smoke at any moment, or even lava flows, and flying stones.
As for the climb to the summit, we absolutely do not recommend making it to unprepared tourists on our own, without a local instructor. And to get to the Klyuchevsky volcano is easy – from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky a bus runs to the village of Klyuchi.

Nalychevo, natural heat reserve
Fame to the natural park “Nalychevo” brought thermal springs, the water of which contains silver, cobalt, silica and a lot of other substances useful to humans.

Nalychevo, natural heat reserve
In some sources (gryphons) the water temperature reaches + 75C.

Water contains a lot of nutrients and a comfortable water temperature for a person.
And, what is important, these sources are located in incredibly beautiful, typically Kamchatka, places, which can be easily seen by climbing the observation tower.

You can get to Nalychev by helicopter from the main Kamchatka airport Yelizovo
You can get to Nalychev by helicopter from the main Kamchatka airport Yelizovo, in the winter you can make an interesting trip on a snowmobile.

Avachinskaya Sopka – volcano in the access zone
Avachinsky volcano has a completely different character than Klyuchevsky described above.

Residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky call this volcano “home”, in good weather, you can admire it directly from the city. But it is more interesting, of course, to climb to the top, especially since such an ascent is available to people with almost any physical training and does not require special skills.

Climbing is available to people with almost any physical training and does not require special skills.
At the finish of the five-or six-hour hike you will find yourself at a height of 2741 meters. Agree, the opportunity to look into the mouth of an active volcano, last erupted not so long ago, in 1991, is worth the effort expended on climbing.
Halaktyr beach – black sands of Kamchatka
They should warn you right away that you can hardly swim at this beach, the waves of the Pacific Ocean are too strong and cold, and the currents are life threatening.

But the sight of the mighty and ancient ocean, framed by unusual black volcanic sand – an unforgettable sight.

The view of the mighty and ancient ocean, framed by unusual black volcanic sand – an unforgettable sight
Getting to Khalaktyrsky Beach from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is possible both by bus and by taxi, but experienced people advise to overcome the distance of several kilometers from the city to the beach on foot and to gain along the path of indelible impressions of Kamchatka nature.

Paratunskie thermal springs – rest for body and soul
And your body and soul can receive such a rest in just an hour’s drive from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Paratunskie thermal springs – rest for body and soul
Locals recommend to go to Paratunka in winter, the effect of swimming in a hot pool, when snow is silvered around, will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your state of mind.

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